Revival Cycles Deluxe m-Unit Wiring Kit


We found the standard wiring kit left some things to be desired so we've built our own that's ideal for use with the Motogadget m-Unit using brightly-colored wire that's higher quality with more components to help get the job done. Included are ferrules, zip-ties, heat shrink tubing, a lever nut and a quality made waterproof main fuse holder. The wire length we include in the kit should more-than-suffice for running wires anywhere you'd need on your project, with varying gauges both capable of handling necessary electricity and compact enough for a clean and sleek install. 

Grab an Automatic Wire Stripper and Ferrule Crimper to make installation, even easier.



Use Input / Output Color Wire Gauge Length [Feet]
AUX Output brown 18 15
Ground N/A black 12 12




12 6
Starter Output light blue 18 6
Right Turn Signal Output white 18 12
Horn Output grey 18 6
Left Turn Signal Output pink 18 12
Headlight (Low) Output orange 18 6
Headlight (High) Output dark blue 18 6
Brake Lights Output purple 18 6
Ground  Input black 22 15
Right Turn Signal  Input white 22 6
Starter  Input light blue 22 6
Horn  Input grey 22 6
Left Turn Signal  Input pink 22 6
Config. (Optional)  Input green 22 6
Headlight Input  dark blue 22 6
Brake Switch  Input purple 22 6
Lock Input  Input brown 22 6


Also included:

  • Cable Ties - Small: 15
  • Cable Ties - Large: 15
  • Small Ferrules: 15
  • Large Ferrules: 15
  • Waterproof Main Fuse Holder
  • 6" Black 3/16" Heat Shrink