The Revival Grunt

Volcon approached Revival Cycles looking for a re-imagined Volcon - Grunt, with a few caveats. The big fat tires must stay, the overall frame shape must stay and it must look completely unique! With the benefits of the simplicity of electric motorcycles compared to internal combustion engined motorcycles, the options are endless. Revival Cycles worked with designer Ed Boyd to create several iterations of the Grunt in CAD before choosing a direction. The decision was made to experiment with a new to Revival fiberglass bodywork to really change the look of the Grunt and allow other Grunt owners to replicate the look. In addition to building all of the bodywork in CAD, all of the bodywork attachment points were also created in CAD and 3d printed. As with all new processes, the learning curve is steep. After the bodywork didn’t fit the frame, extensive reworking by hand was required to get the bodywork and frame to fit as intended. Luckily while the bodywork was being created the stock subframe was chopped off and a new cantilevered design was built using much smaller ⅞” tubing to narrow and shorten the motorcycle. The stock shock was tossed in favor of an Ohlins TTX 36 shock mounted with custom brackets to an inverted swing-arm. Additional shock angle was added to help improve the rear suspension dynamics, as well. Next all of the electrical components like the motor controller, 12V regulator, high voltage switch, etc. were all relocated near the motor using custom made brackets for better packaging and a tidier wiring harness. With the frame modifications competed the entire motorcycle was stripped down and powdercoated in Black jack black in house at Revival Cycles. The swing arm and wheels were sanded and polished to a high finish to accentuate the features. A CNC machined gauge mount was welded to the top triple clamp for a more secure gauge and lower handlebars were fitted. The stock footpegs were tossed in favor of hand formed, ½” stainless steel round bar, welded to CNC machined mounting plates. With such a wide and rugged motorcycle, lots of light and bright colors were chosen to make the bike look as fun as it is to ride. A dual projector headlight fills the wide void between the forks with ease, and an LED tail light integrated into the bodywork provide a very clean finish. The final touch was a beautiful hand formed seat using black Alcantra material for its durability. A pair of white Posh grips complete the cockpit.

Revival Grunt - Backlighting

Revival Grunt - Parking Garage

Revival Grunt - Rooftop


The start of the build. We've removed the factory Volcon body, and we're starting to narrow and shorten the subframe.


Here's the bulk of modifying the rear subframe. We used ⅞” tubing for the new cantilevered tail section and supporting braces. We're also fabricating the custom brackets for the inverted swingarm.



The bodywork created in CAD is coming to life. The bodywork was fabricated using hand-laid fiberglass. Our friends at Calton Cases created CAD molds generated using a CNC router, then prepped and hand-laid fiberglass to create a completely new look for the Grunt.



Now the bodywork has cured, we're prepping and combining the individual fiberglass pieces to make solid sections.



Attaching the new bodywork onto the Grunt to test fitment.



Creating the footpegs and attaching the painted bodywork onto the Grunt.



Starting Platform


Manufacturer: Volcon

Year: 2022

Model: Grunt

Weight : 330 lbs.




Material: Steel tube

Subframe: Narrowed, shortened, ⅞”tube cantilevered subframe

Weight: 330 lbs.

Revival Cycles Designed Parts


CAD designed bodywork, fabricated using hand laid fiberglass. Calton Cases created CAD molds generated using CNC router, then prepped and hand laid fiberglass to create a completely new look

Footpegs - hand formed using ½” Stainless steel solid rod, then welded to CNC machined mounting plates

New cantilevered tail section using ⅞” tubing and supporting braces

3D printed bodywork brackets

CNC machined gauge mount

Inverted swing arm

Motor / Battery

2.0KWH with optional additional 2.0KWH

Approximately 2.5 hr charge





Inverted Fork


Ohlins KT 303 rear shock

Inverted swing arm 


Front: Grunt wheel, sanded smooth and polished lip, center powder coated white

Axle: 20mm

Tire: Maxxis - Ancla 25” x 8” x 12” 


Rear: Grunt wheel, sanded smooth, polished lip, center powder coated white

Axle: 20mm

Tire: Maxxis - Ancla 25” x 8” x 12” 



SpeedMotoCo LED Twin Projector style headlights

Radiantz Skid Markz LED tail light

Revival Dual Element Circuit


Motor Controller, high voltage switch, 12V regulator, all relocated near battery pack using custom made brackets. Handlebar wiring re-routed and tidied up. 



Rear-sets: ½” SS solid rod, hand formed, CNC machined mounting plates and grip. Polished and powder coated

Handlebars: LSL Street low ⅞” black

Grips: Posh white Amal grips

Front Brake Master:  OEM Grunt

Rear Brake Master: OEM Grunt


Front Rotor: OEM Grunt

Front Caliper: OEM Grunt

Rear Rotor: OEM Grunt

Rear Caliper: OEM Grunt

Brake Lines: OEM Grunt



CNC Machined gauge mount, welded to top triple clamp


  • Revival Cycles

    Hello Lynn,

    Unfortunately, this custom build for Volcon isn’t for sale, but you can definitely Get a stock Grunt and check out their Tech Specs at

    They’re on sale right now!


  • Revival Cycles

    Hey Toby!

    Glad you like it! This was a custom build we did for Volcon. It looks like they are having a sale right now on their Grunts!

  • Tim Huber

    I love this thing!

  • Lynn Lionel Kibler

    I didn’t see a price, maximum speed or range specifications

  • Toby Schultz

    How do I get one????🤘

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