Revival Signature Deluxe mo.Unit Wiring Harness Bundle

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Now that you have a new Motogadget mo.Unit, this bundle will provide you with the wiring harness and loom you need to complete a pro-level install.

Revival Signature Deluxe mo.Unit Wiring Kit Specifications:

Assembled specifically for the Motogadget mo.Unit, the Revival Cycles Deluxe Cable Kit includes the core materials necessary to construct a compact, custom wiring harness for use with the m-Unit. Automotive-grade wires, ferrules, zip-ties, heat shrink, 5-pole Wago lever nut, and waterproof main fuse holder are all included in this kit.

  • TXL cross-linked thin-walled wiring meets SAE J1128 standards and offers protection superior to PVC varieties whether it be against heat, solvents, or abrasion. The wire lengths included in the kit should more than suffice for running wires anywhere you'd need on your project, with varying gauges both capable of handling necessary electricity and compact enough for a clean, easy install.
  • Ferrules provide protection to the wire terminations at the m-Unit.                
  • Dual wall heat shrink seals out moisture and protects the ferrule terminations from vibration fatigue. 
  • Wire ties can be used to secure your harness to your frame reducing chaffing from vibration.             
  • Marine-grade Delphi Metri-Pack fuse housing provides the main fuse required between your charging system and battery.     
  • Wago5 pole Lever Nut allows you to connect up to 4 wires to the AUX 12V output.

    From ferrule crimpers to wire loom Revival offers a broad selection of wiring components to help you to create a reliable harness rivaling what you might get from an OEM.

    Ferrule Crimpers / Automatic Wire Strippers / U Crimpers / Vinyl Loom / Split Loom / Tesa Tape / Heat Shrink / Butt Connectors / Battery Cable Kit / Spark Plug Wire kit

    Kit includes each of the following:

    • 15 X Small Cable Ties
    • 15 X Large Cable Ties
    • 15 X Small Ferrules
    • 15 X Large Ferrules
    • 1 X Waterproof Main Fuse Holder
    • 1 X Wago 5 pole Lever nut
    • 6" X Black 1/8" Heat Shrink


    Use Input / Output Color Wire Gauge Length [Feet]
    Batt Power 12V+ N/A red 12 6
    Batt Ground N/A black 12 12

    Power 12V+ (extra)



    18 6
    Aux 2 Input Pink 22 6
    Aux 1 Input Violet 22 6
    Kill Input Dark Green 22 6
    Stand Input Tan 22 6
    Light Input Dark Blue 22 6
    Brake Input Grey 22 12
    Horn Input Orange 22 6
    Turn R Input Yellow 22 6
    Turn L  Input Light Blue 22 6
    Start  Input Light Green 22 6
    Lock  Input Brown 22 6
    Control Grounds Output Black 22 12
    Aux 2 Output pink 22 6
    Aux 1 Output green 22 6
    Ignition Out Output brown 22 6
    Hi Beam Out Output dark blue 22 6
    Light (Lo Beam) Output white 22 6
    Brake Out Output grey 22 6
    Horn Out Output orange 22 6
    Turn R Out Output yellow 22 12
    Turn L Out Output light blue 22 12
    Start Out Output light green 22 6

    TXL Cross-Linked Thin-Walled Automotive Wire:

    • Meets SAE J1128 Standards
    • Temperature range -40° (-40°) - 257° (125°C)
    • Single conductor, stranded, bare copper
    • Insulated with Chemically cross-linked polyethylene
    • Smooth surface finish
    • Resistant to moisture, grease, oil, gasoline, most acids, and solvents
    • Superior abrasion resistance

    Wago 5 Pole Lever Nut:

    • Nominal Current: 20 A
    • AWG: 24-12
    • Rated voltage:600V
    • Operating temperature: 220°F (105°C)
    • cULus LISTED splicing wire connector file #E69654
    • Shrinks to 1/2 the original size at 248°F (120°C).

    Delphi 12033769 Metri-Pack 630 Series Female Connector: 

    • AWG: 14-12
    • Metri-pack 630 sealed connectors exceed requirements for most marine, vehicle, heavy-duty mobile, and industrial equipment applications.

    Heat Shrink:

    • Material: Polyolefin
    • Shrink Ratio: 3:1
    • Shrinks to 1/2 the original size at 248°F (120°C).

    Complete Wire Harness Loom Kit Specifications:

    We’ve spent quite a bit of time researching and collecting the best, industrial-grade automotive loom components on the market into one comprehensive kit providing with everything you need to build a harness as good, and in some cases better, as an OEM manufacturer. This kit will protect your harness from weather, abrasion, oil, fuel, solvents, engine heat, and to some extent exhaust temperatures.

    Protect your new wiring harness end to end from the elements, helping to ensure it has a long life and you spend more time on the road than you do on the side of it. 

    Included in the kit you’ll find PVC Vinyl Loom, Woven Split Loom, Double-walled, adhesive lined Heat Shrink, and Tesa Fabric Tape. 

    When assembling this kit we took the average lengths we generally use on a build and added a few more feet of each just to be sure we've got you covered. But if you swinging from ape hangars or find another need additional Vinyl and Split loom can be purchased by the foot here in our store.

    Our system incorporates Vinyl Loom for exposed areas to protect from weather, Split Loom under the tank and seat to allow for drainage with Tesa Tape at transitions from one Loom to another, as well as Heat Shrink at loom terminations. This arrangement can produce a harness that will keep the elements out but allow for drainage should water get in so that your harness isn’t steeping in it, allowing for slow absorption through the wire sheathing resulting in corrosion and increased wire resistance, and electrical failure. 

    You can find descriptions for each material as well as lengths or quantities provided in the Details tab. Click on the Specs tab if you want to get nerdy on the specifics of all of the classifications, as well as manufacturer approvals.

    Vinyl Loom
    Diameter Length
    1/8in / 3.175mm 5ft / 1.524m
    3/16in / 4.762mm 6ft/1.8288
    1/4in / 6.35mm 6ft/1.8288
    5/16in / 7.937mm 3.5ft/1.0668
    3/8in / 9.525mm 5ft / 1.524m
    1/2in / 12.7mm 4ft / 1.2192m
    5/8in / 15.87mm 2ft / 0.6096m

    PVC vinyl tubing is made for automotive wiring and is what you often find on OEM motorcycle harnesses. It makes for a clean, tidy appearance of visibly exposed wiring while providing a high level of protection from the harsh environment your system will be exposed to. This PVC vinyl tubing is extremely flexible, liquid-tight, abrasion-resistant, and meets VW-1 flammability along with UL type B standards which is why it’s the industry standard for motorcycle wiring harnesses. 

    Split Loom
    Diameter Length
    5mm 5ft (3.048m)
    8mm 3ft/0.9144
    13mm 2ft (0.6096m
    19mm 2.5ft (0.762m)
    25mm 2ft (0.6096m)

    Our Split Loom is an industrial-grade product approved for use by nearly every automotive manufacturer you can think of. The high-density flat-knit weave combination of PET monofilament and textured Multifilament won't unravel at the ends and provides superior abrasion resistance while it protects your wiring from fluids by allowing moisture to drain away.  It is s the creme de la creme of harness solutions providing durable, heat-resistant protection while being the easiest option to work with. No fishing wires down a tube, or tape wrapping; add, remove or inspect wiring without deconstructing your harness apart in the process. The high-density flat-knit weave combination of PET monofilament. 

    Tesa Tape
    Length 25 Meters
    Width 19 MM

    Tesa Cloth Harness Tape is not your run-of-the-mill electrical tape. The industrial-grade harness tape is designed for use in the inhospitable environs of engine bays and is the very same tape used by Mercedes, VW, and numerous other automotive manufacturers. Made from abrasion-resistant PET cloth and backed with an acrylic adhesive, this tape has high tensile strength and the adhesive will not turn to goo when exposed to heat or fuel. You can use this tape to wrap an entire harness and rest assured that it won't become a sticky dirty mess. 

    Dual-Wall Heat Shrink
    Cut to 6" lengths
    Diameter quantity
    1/8" 2
    3/16" 4
    1/4" 6
    3/8" 4
    1/2" 2
    3/4" 1
    1" 1

    Polyolefin Dual-Walled Heat Shrink has a myriad of applications when wiring a bike. Heat shrink can be used for an added layer of protection from abrasion, chaffing, fatigue, and strain relief to the wire as well as joints and terminals. A Cross-linked treatment closes the pores in the PVC decreasing the ability for fluids to find a way in, the hot melt glue inner layer further seals out water, fuel, and solvents from entering from the sides and at the endpoints. Secure wire looms in its place while helping seal moisture out of PVC Vinyl Loom terminations.


    • In-line Splicing
    • Terminal Sealing
    • Strain Relief
    • Mechanical Protection
    • Connector Sealing
    Vinyl Loom
    MIL-63ID specs
    VW-1 flammability standards
    UL type B ratings
    Max Temp 221° F (105° C)
    Min Temp -4°F (-20° C)
    Split Loom
    Physical Properties Specification Unit Value
    Min/Max Continous Temperature --------------- F° (C°) -40°/302°F (-40/150°C)
    Peak Temperature (240h) --------------- F° (C°) 347°F (175°C)
    Melting Point ISO 11357-3 F° (C°) 500°F (260°C)
    Abrasion Resistance ISO 6722
    SAE ARP 1536 A
    LV 312
    RSA 36 05 035 B
    cycles 6450
    MG4 (C)
    Flammability FMVSS 302
    SAE J 369
    Chemical resistance SAE J 2192
    D7 1924
    --------- Resists the majority of chemicals and Automotive fluids (oils, coolant, battery acid, brake fluid, fuels, windshield washer...)
    Manufacturer Approvals:
    Direct Christler, Ford, GM, Iveco/CNH, Jaguar/Landrover, Peugeot-Citrogen, Renault, Volvo, Toyota.
    Via Tier-1 Honda, Mazda
    Dual-Wall Heat Shrink
    Standards and Certifications
    3:1 shrink ratio
    Shrink temperature: 90°C
    Continuous operating temperature: -55°C to 110°C
    UL 224, 125°C
    CSA C22.2 No.198.1 125°C
    AMD-DTL-23053/4, Class 3
    UL/CSA approval 
    Tesa Tape
    • Revival Signature Complete mo.Unit Wiring Kit
    • Revival Signature Complete Wire Harness Loom Kit


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    nick R.
    United States United States

    Best wiring kit on the market period

    I’ve wired several bikes and cars over the years. I can, with the utmost confidence say this is hands-down, the best quality wiring kit on the market. Even the tactile feel of the components as far superior than what you’ll find from your local big box store. I wouldn’t even hesitate to order from revival again again. Well, done, very well done indeed

    Giovanny I.
    United States United States

    First time builder

    This harness bundle had pretty much everything I needed as a first time project builder. I appreciated the instructions/details that came with the package.

    jeremy r.
    United States United States

    well thought out and saves so much time!

    recently purchased this and was talking with a buddy who hadn't know of Revival Cycles. He had spent hours researching and shopping to gather all his wiring harness components. When he came over and saw this he was floored, the price was less and the quality better than what he had done on his own. Not to mention all the time I saved. Thanks Revival! let's me spend my time on the fun parts of building.

    jody s.
    Canada Canada

    Deluxe wiring kit

    Quick shipping, kits looks to be high quality and complete.look forward to get started building a new harness.

    Dean B.
    United States United States

    Wiring kit

    I loved the kit it has a lot more than you really need so if you mess up you can start over

    Tony S.
    United States United States


    The kit came with everything to complete my wiring to the M-Unit I purchased. I have access to the proper tools for crimping and do a lot of wiring at work, so with that knowledge and revival wiring videos, I'm feeling very confident about this project.

    United States United States


    It was GREAT!! This was a gift for my fiancé and I barely knew what I was asking for. The team helped explain what I was buying and what it would be used for. They answered a lot of questions and spent a lot of time explaining products to me!! Thanks for the help!! :)

    Touring the Ultimate Porsche Destination with Magnus Walker

    DAILY NO. 125

    From our customers


    100% impressed over and over again by Jeff & Co at Revival. They’re patient and kind no matter the enquiry (currently resto-modding an R100/7 and have LOTS of questions about the Motogadget rewire) and go out of their way to offer creative solutions and out of the box thinking. I will forever return and recommend Revival.

    Theo B.
    North Vancouver, BC

    I cannot recommend Revival Cycles enough. Not only do they have a great assortment of gear and accessories but they provide superb customer service. I was having some difficulty making it work... Jeff pointed out what I was missing and also provided schematics to make it work. Thank you guys very kindly, your crew rocks.

    Svend P.
    Santa Fe, NM

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