Nick Eckel's Project Black

Our Homegrown today comes from the mind and garage of Nick Eckel out in western New York. Farming out only the powder coating, Eckel built this bike himself in one of those infamous seven-month winters NY can have. Complete with a mo.Unit rewire, Eckel turned this once 2005 Buell XB12R into a dependable (and badass) daily driver. Hopefully, this winter is a little easier on you, Nick. But if it isn't, we'd love to see another build of this caliber! Nice Job, Nick, and thanks for submitting!

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What was the donor bike, and what condition was it in, to begin with?

Donor bike was a 2005 Buell XB12R Firebolt that someone had spray painted all the plastic flat black.

When did you build the bike, and how long did it take?

Seven months of winter here in Western NY.

What was the projected budget, and what was the final budget?

I Didn't have a budget in mind but ended up spending $2690 total

What inspired the build, and what were the design influences?

I wanted a fully functional, updated tracker / urban assault-style motorcycle with all modern electronics to be a dependable daily.

Please list the major modifications and fabrication completed.

The rear tail section was fabricated, and tig welded with 7/8s tubing and motogadget signals integrated in the side mesh. The brushed aluminum under-tail pan is fitted with a bobber-style led tail lamp finished with a gloss powder coat. A simple front tracker style number board with twin 6,000 Lumen PIAA projector led lamps replaced the plastic front ferring. The clip-on bars were replaced with Renthal double wall dirt bike bars and accessorized with motogadget switches, motogadget motoscope pro, domino throttle assembly, and Buell lightning upper triple trees. The rear swing arm was swapped with a 3-inch longer Buell Ulysses swing arm and powder coated with the frame. The bike had to be completely rewired for an M unit, as well as relocating the battery and ECM under what was the air box assembly. The charging system was updated to a Ricks Motorsports Lith ion stator and regulator with an Antigravity Lith ion battery. The rear brake was upgraded to an 84mm Brembo and hidden behind the swing arm with magnum shielding stainless brake lines. The seat is high-density foam finished with dirt bike gripper material.

Please describe the engine work completed.

Jardin Slip-on Exhaust Light ECM spy tune for open exhaust and Uni filter intake.

Please list the additional components used.

Motogadget mo.Unit
Motogadget mo.Blaze signals
Motogadget mo. Switches
Motogadget Motoscope Pro
Motogadget Breakout box A
Ricks Motorsports Mosfet Regulator
Renthall twin wall handlebars
Domino Throttle
Antigravity Lith-Ion Battery
Dennis Kirk Led tag light
All Balls Racing wheel and steering neck bearings

Did you farm out any of the work to third parties?

Only the powder coating; I did everything else myself

What were the low points of the build?

I chased a gremlin where the bike would shut off during heavy throttle to find out it was a faulty BAS sensor. Relocating the sensor from its isolated position in the front ferring to above the motor was causing the sensor to kill the fuel pump.

What were the high points of the build?

The entire build was great, and anything that gave me trouble had something to teach me.

Now the build is finished, how satisfied are you with the results?

Couldn't be happier. With the modern electronics and weight reduction, I gained much more power. Also, with the higher seating position, it handles better than factory.

Are you planning any future builds?

Working on one now!

Are you keeping the bike, or is it for sale?

Keeping it.

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