First Time Driving A Car You Didn’t Know You Owned // Revival Daily 121

Alan meets up with Renée Rouleau, a long-time friend and client of Revival, for a long-awaited inaugural ride in a car she didn't know she owned!

At this point, you're probably asking how Renée came to own a quintessential English sports car without knowing it? Well, this 1959 M.G. Series MGA 1600 has quite a story behind it, and one that only Renée can adequately tell.

After a good ol' shirt-sweat through and an outfit change, Alan manages to squeeze into the car for a quick run down and clutch finessing refresher. Renée, the seasoned biker she is, picks it up no sweat and takes Alan for a ride around the block while she gets to know the car.

Check our Renée's custom Triumph Bobber - click here.

Check out Silodrome's writeup on the history of the MGA - click here.

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