Mini Push-Button Switch


These are really handy and very simple little switches that are great for making ultra clean handle bar switch gear. They are made of metal, splash proof, easy to install, and easy to hide.  These are momentary push buttons and work perfectly with the m-Unit.  Use them for the headlight switch, turn signal switch, horn, starter, or kill switch. 

You can mount them to any flat surface using a 5/16-24 thread or the included nut for thin sheets.  When mounting to handle bars or round surfaces there is a radius adapter that works with great 7/8" and 1" bars to fill in the gap for a clean install.  We use these by drilling and taping the handle bars and running the wires inside the bars so everything is hidden, that way there are no bulky stock switches to distract from the simplicity of the build.

Diameter of Switch Head - 0.47" (12mm)

Height of Switch Head - 0.2" (5mm)

Diameter of Switch Body - 0.28"(7mm)

Length of switch body - .47" (12mm)

Overall Length - .67" (17mm)

Thread 5/16-24

Lead wires - 24" of 20 gauge wire

Max Amperage - 1 amp at 12V volts