Revival Tune-Ups No. 33 : Jamie Ward / Musik Klub / Sermons!


We've got another super swell Tune-Ups for you to jam this weekend and forever. It comes from a fellow Texan via The Great White North, and you are going to dig it. Even their own description is better than we could have written:

Musik Klub got asked to do a mix for Revival Cycles. And well, it took us forever because we didn't want to blow it by making something that may not go with motorcycles. We think this goes together with motor grease on jeans, skateboard wheels on pavement and cold High Life down gullets.

Jamie Ward spent a good half of his life in Houston and Austin, and that's where he connected with our Creative Director over 20 years ago. Bonding over a love of art, design, film, and music, they were both in the middle of the rebirth of the Austin Poster scene in the early 2000s.

Music Klub Art 1

musik klub art 2

musik Klub art poster 2

When it comes to film, art, and design, Jamie is exceptionally well-versed. He has a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Film, Video & Integrated Media. He has had multiple solo exhibitions and curated countless others. Jamie has been the editor for the revived Issue Magazine and is currently the Programme Coordinator at Or Gallery in Vancouver. 

Musik Klub art 4

Musik Club art 5

Music Klub art 6

For as much education Jamie has for all the above, he possibly has exponentially more for music. We know few people with such deep knowledge for such a broad spectrum. And when he's not busy sharing art, he spends his time DJing multiple shows with Musik Klub, BC Hydra, and Slow Ride. He also creates playlists for folks who need to nail a specific vibe for their event or venue. Oh, he still makes posters too because poster makers never stop.

musik Club art 7

His Sermons! project is one of the best music and writing mash-ups you can tune into. And trust us, you need to tune in. So dial up that playlist, give him a follow @tex_wrangler and @thee_musik_klub, and subscribe to Sermons! You will be better off. 

Musik Klub art 8

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