Revival Tune-Ups No. 9 : Lauren Dickens / Lauren Dickens Design

This week’s Revival Tune-Ups guest playlist by Austin, Texas designer extraordinaire, Lauren Dickens, is perfect for your lazy weekend morning. You know you need one so pop this on, make a cuppa and take it easy. You earned it.


Whether you know it or not, Lauren is responsible for the way some of your favorite restaurants you eat at, and the beer you chug look. Quickly establishing herself as one of the best designers in town, her smart, clever, and thoughtful designs adorn local and global brands. Lauren is exceptionally talented and uses her skills beyond making brands look awesome to advocate for many important causes.


We’re big fans of her work, so keep an eye out for more good stuff coming from Lauren and Revival. Check out more of her amazing designs at and give her a follow on Instagram @el_dick.

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