Revival Tune-Ups No. 32 : Todd Sanders & Sarah Thompson / Roadhouse Relics

Our friend Todd Sanders has delivered our next Revival Tune-Ups, and it's special. If you aren't familiar with Todd, he is the owner of Roadhouse Relics and one of the premier neon artists around. You’ve seen his work on iconic signs for Jovita’s (RIP), The Continental Club in Houston and more. Todd and his wife Sarah picked only neon-related tunes for their inspiration, and there are some gems. And since Roadhouse Relics is a South Austin Original, it's only suiting that there is a real honky tonk vibe. There are also some surprises. This is for sure the first guest list we have that has Peggy Lee and Ratt, Merle Haggard and Iggy Pop, and Donna Summer and Accept.

roadhouse relics with trusty dog

neon fixture

Neon cross


Austin Murial


If you've spent any time on South First Street in Austin, you have seen Todd's studio. You probably even stopped for a photo op at his famous "Greetings From Austin" Mural. Todd found his dream space 25 years ago in a state of disrepair with a fallen in roof. Despite the condition, he saw the future for Roadhouse Relics and the opportunity to preserve part of a rapidly disappearing historic Austin.


speed shop Neon

Roadhouse team


Wall of Death

Willie Sign

In the 25 years since Todd moved in, he's become one of the most respected and sought-after artists in Austin and beyond. Working with the likes of Wille Nelson, Shepard Fairey, Jimmy Kimmel, Kings of Leon, ZZ Top, and more. He even worked on some Willie projects with Revival's own creative director. His handcrafted vintage creations are authentic in a world where digital noise dominates. You can hear the hot rods and motorcycles revving when you see his speed shop signs or Wall of Death banner.

You can see more of Todd's work on his website and be sure to follow his Instagram


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