Revival Tune-Ups No. 26 : Alison Narro / Alison Narro Photography


Our 26th installment of the Revival Tune-Ups guest playlist comes from longtime shop buddy and sometimes collaborator Alison Narro. "Narro" or "Fucking Narro," as she is lovingly known, is a fixture in the creative and music world of Austin.



You may have seen her shooting fancy cocktails and vittles at the hottest new eateries, amazing portraits, or a wedding. Or leading a crew of talented shooters to capture bands at Fun Fun Fun Fest (R.I.P,) Mohawk or ACL Live, either way, you have seen her fantastic work. She can simultaneously take the most breathtaking photo and punch you in the gut. She's that talented. Her taste in music is pretty great too.



Give her a follow @alisonnarro to keep up with her fantastic snaps and kooky shenanigans.


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