Revival Tune-Ups No. 18 : Erika Wennerstrom / Heartless Bastards

We’re pretty dang excited to introduce you to our guest for this installment of Revival Tune-Ups. First, because we are huge fans of Erika Wennerstrom, and second, it has the first new song by her band Heartless Bastards in five years! Erika is a massive talent with a discography to prove it. Hailing originally from Cincinnati, she has been an Austin Local since 2007. Maybe one of the best band name stories ever is how Erika saw Heartless Bastards as a multiple choice answer for “who was Tom Petty’s backing band.”

Erika has a huge voice, unique with a slight drawl but simultaneously soft and powerful. After releasing five critically acclaimed albums, Erika released her first solo record in 2018, allowing her to explore a deeper, more intimate path. “It was a really freeing experience; I found my strength in my vulnerability as an artist, and really, just as a person. It kind of forced me to allow myself to be a little more exposed and stand on my own two feet. I feel like I’ve grown a lot creatively and personally.”

As mentioned above, we are looking forward to seeing where Erika’s journey takes all of us lucky listeners next. Until then, enjoy this awesome mix she’s made for everyone, and give Erika and her band a follow @erika_wennerstrom and @heartlessbastards.

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