Revival Tune-Ups No. 14 : Ft. Lonesome

This week’s Revival Tune-Ups comes from our good buddies at Ft. Lonesome. Their design-forward custom western wear and chain-stitch embroidery work has been seen on the biggest stages in the world, with super stars like Jimmy Kimmel, Diplo, Jenny Lewis, Nikki Lane and so many more commissioning them for custom “Nudie” suits (look it up.)

Ft. Lonesome has also collaborated with many friends and folks we admire like Liz Lambert, Stag, Jon Contino, Land, and Lauren Dickens (champion of a previous Tune-Ups and this month’s Revival Artist Series star).

We hit up boss lady Kathie Sever because we knew she’d put together a real swell set of hot jams. We never thought the whole fort would jump in. But holy molé did they. This is a true mix made by Kathie, Amrit Khalsa, Christina Hurt Smith, Bekah DuBose, Lauren Chester, Michelle Devereux, and Brian Allmond (resident Death Metal aficionado at the Fort.)

If you picked up some sweet Revival patches at the 2014 Hand Built Show, then you should be familiar with their craftsmanship. If not get hip to the level of mind blowing talent this crew possesses. Obviously it made sense for us to partner with them because of our absolute admiration for their skill and DIY ethos. But when Bill Murray knocks on your door you know you are in a different league. We’re just happy they let us in for a while.

Peruse their goods and don’t forget to give ‘em a follow on Instagram @ftlonesome.

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