Revival Tune-Ups No. 13 : Daniel Hall / Riding Easy Records

It’s a great day in America for a new Revival Tune-Ups! This week’s guest playlist is from Daniel Hall of RidingEasy Records, and it's a perfect mix for a weekend ride. In fact, it’s literally what Daniel puts on when he cruises down the Pacific Coast Highway with his three little corgis in tow, in either his 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee or his flat-nosed ’68 Dodge A108 van.

Daniel Hall 1968 Dodge A108 van

Since 2013, Daniel has been putting out high quality stuff on his Hermosa Beach-based label. In the spirit of the bond between music and the open road, the label was first called EasyRider Records, but then it morphed into RidingEasy Records, and the label is now home to some of the doomiest heavy riffs you could put on your turntable. Their Sabbath-worshiping line-up includes Monolord, Shooting Guns, Blackwater Holylight, The Death Wheelers, Here Lies Man, and The Well (from right here in Austin), not to mention the acclaimed Brown Acid series of rare underground 70’s heavy rock. Do yourself a kindness and pick up all this action and introduce your neighbors to your hi-fi.

Shooting Guns Brotherhood Of The Ram

The Well

The Picturebooks

Randy Holden Populations II

Monolord Rust

Blackwater Holylight

But first, get on this deep cuts playlist. Some of it is harder stuff, some is softer. Consider it an introduction to the mind behind RidingEasy.

Upgrade your music collection and follow Daniel @easyriderrecords. And if you love Corgis like we do you need to follow @threecorgis

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