Revival Tune-Ups No. 10 : Hayden Menzies / Metz

This week’s Revival Cycles Tune-Ups guest playlist is delivered by Hayden Menzies, fine artist and the drummer of Metz. Hayden describes his mix as “aaaallll over the place,” and he speaks the truth, so jump in to hear a whole mess of sounds this weekend.

You may have seen or heard Hayden’s band Metz. If you haven’t, correct that stat. Metz will blow your head off. Their new record, “Atlas Vending,” Is one of the best of 2021. Christian Lembach of Whores., one of our previous playlist guests, gets right to the point: “They bring it.”

Hayden is also a phenomenal visual artist, with a degree in fine art from Concordia. He creates work that on the surface looks like a cartoon. Further inspection reveals dark characters and random objects that Hayden insists share a backstory. Odds are only he knows what it is.


You can hear Hayden beat his drums with Metz, check out his art, and follow him on Instagram @hayden_menzies, and @metz_theband

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