Revival Tune-Ups No. 23 : Rebecca Gates / Spinanes


We are always aware of how fortunate Revival is to be surrounded by amazing talent from all walks of life. Our next Revival Tune-Ups Guest Playlist curator is no exception. From her band the Spinanes, solo releases (and contributions to everyone from The Decemberists to Willie Nelson to Elliot Smith) to installations in Marfa, Texas and beyond, plus activism for multiple causes, Rebecca Gates' 30-year career as an artist has graced us with beautiful music, art, and curation.

When The Spinanes’ critically acclaimed debut, Manos, came out on Sub Pop Records in 1993, it became the label's first #1 on Billboard's college radio chart. You might attribute that to one of their lesser-known bands like Nirvana or maybe Soundgarden, but Rebecca holds that distinction. Rebecca released her second solo record, The Float, in 2012 and continues to edit and create audio installations.


Keep up with Rebecca @parcematone and learn a whole lot more about her supreme talent at

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