Revival Tune-Ups No. 6 : Kevin Whitley / Cherubs


This next Guest Playlist is as eclectic as it gets. Put together by our friend Kevin Whitley of Austin’s premier Noise Rock Kings, Cherubs, it’s may not be what you would expect. It's a real nice trip to fill up your holiday weekend.

Formed in 1992, Cherubs were at the forefront of the Austin underground scene delivering sonic blasts and feedback on every stage they set foot on.

on stage
3 on stage
3 portrait
promo poster

After a 20 year break, they played a surprise show at Beerland and haven’t turned down or stopped since.

Check out their releases 2 YnfynytyImmaculada High and their latest

SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY (which was recorded to play on 33rm and 45 rpm) and follow them cherubsbandatx.


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