Revival Tune-Ups No. 1 : Aaron Draplin / Draplin Design Co.

Announcing the Revival Cycles Tune-Ups weekly playlist. We’ve asked some of our good buddies to compile some tunes they are listening to that gets them through the week and we think you will dig it.

Our first guest playlist is by designer and talker extraordinaire Aaron Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. Creator of Field Notes and maker of Thick Lines. This prolific dude has designed a watch for Timex and even a stamp for the USPS and then some. Aaron draws from the heart and soul of Americana and evokes that nostalgia in everything he does. He's a champion of preserving the integrity and quality of vintage design and construction which aligns with everything Revival stands for. For a bit of insight to just how passionate he is, take three minutes and watch Why America Is Fucked. 

Aaron’s vinyl collection is bigger than his larger than life personality and he has dubbed this playlist “Aaron Draplin is Viciously Locked in the ‘90s.” Take a nostalgic trip back a couple decades with Draplin.

Check out more of Draplin Design Co. and follow him on Instagram @draplin and pick up some Field Notes. 


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