Ryan Gore - Excitable Boy

We’re no strangers to Ryan Gore’s work; this one is just one example of the pretty stunning choppers he continues to build. All of the details in the handmade bits are what really grabbed our attention. The handlebars and risers, foot controls, kicker arm, sissy bar, engine mounts, petcock bung, exhaust, tank, and fender were all made by Ryan himself... And let’s not exclude that stained glass battery box!

Thanks Ryan, can’t wait to see the bike you’re building next!


What was the donor bike and what condition was it in to begin with?

Started as a stock 1978 FXE in very rough shape. Had been sitting for at least 15 years.

When did you build the bike and how long did it take?

Built fall of 2019. Six months.

What was the projected budget and what was the final budget?

25k...went a little over.

What inspired the build and what were the design influences?

I built this bike for my kid brother to repay him for another donor bike he’d given me the year before. He kind of let me run as far as design and just do what I do with handmade intricate details.

Please list the major modifications and fabrication completed.

The motor and trans have been polished and rebuilt from top to bottom. The frame was cut in half and hardtailed. Handmade sheetmetal, Handmade bars, and risers. One-off pipes. Handmade stainless foot controls, sissy bar, motor mount and petcock bung. One-off kicker arm and grips. The machined fork was lowered.  Custom stained glass battery box. Suede seat by Bare Bones Leather.

Please describe the engine work completed.

Complete rebuild top to bottom. Polished cases, heads, and rocker boxes. Andrews cam, S&S guts, and oil pump, 80”, JIMS lifters and pushrods.

Please list the additional components used.

Bareknuckle Choppers glass velocity stack. After Hours Choppers taillight. PM hand controls BDL primary.

Did you farm out any of the work to third parties?

Paint by Scott Takes at Underground Art Studios Seat by Curt Green at Bare Bones Leather.

What were the low points of the build?

finished the bike in Dec or 2019. Took it to the Denver IMS show and won the Freestyle Class. Took it to Chicago for the National finals and took 2nd. Then COVID hit, and all the shows got canceled. I rely on shows and magazines for the majority of my exposure and to see my friends. Not getting to get out there and show this bike sucked. I feel like it’s one of my better bikes, and it kinda fell through the cracks because we didn’t have any shows at the time.

What were the high points of the build?

Just building a bike for my brother was great. He gave me the freedom to try some designs I’d had in mind.

Now the build is finished how satisfied are you with the results?


Are you planning any future builds?

Always. I’ve already built two bikes after this one, but they’ve already gone to new owners.

Are you keeping the bike or is it for sale?

My brother will keep it.


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