Justin Wright's Suzuki GS750

When Justin Wright decided it was finally time for him to embark on his first custom build, he decided to base it on a Suzuki GS750. He started in 2015 with a budget of $5K and in the two years of the build he managed to double it to $10000. Money well spent we reckon.

Justin wanted a classic cafe racer, the lean striped back silhouette of the frame, engine, seat, head light and wheels, with nothing else to see.

He started by stripping the bike down and de-tabbing the frame. He then cut the hoop to size to fit the seat. He fabricated a fluted carb protector, added mounting tabs to the frame, created an under-seat tray and cross mounts for the electrics. Once complete it was sand blasted and powder coated in “Illusion Orange Cherry”. This actually led to the low point of the build, as the powder coat reduced tolerances resulting in much sanding to fit bearings etc.

The steering head was converted to tapered roller bearings. All other bearings and seals were replaced. The chain was converted to a 530.

Thankfully the engine was running well from the donor, so Justin swapped the carbs out for some Mikuni RS flat-slides and pod filters.

Justin added a complete new wiring harness with an M-unit Blue hooked up to an SSB lithium battery, and wired in a Dyna S electronic ignition and coils. He swapped out all the bolts for stainless steel, and all the seals and gaskets were replaced.

He added Tarozzi clip ons, a Lucas head light, a Posh tail light, TEC rear shocks and Hagon progressive springs with cartridge emulators in front forks. He drilled the front brake disc.

He finally sent the seat out for upholstery and the bodywork for paint. The high point of the build was getting parts back from paint and powder coat, and dry assembling with the new colour scheme.

“Firing up the engine up after 2 years for the first time was a highlight. It started almost immediately even after changing carbs, ignition, timing etc. and sitting for so long.”

All in all Justin is very satisfied, and the bike is always a talking point when he rides. Although he’s beginning to tear down an ex-police 1988 Yamaha XJ900, the GS is a keeper.

“My first ever build will probably always be with me.”

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