Blaine Lewis' 1982 KZ1100 A2

Picked it up in the fall of 2017. I was shooting for a high displacement cafe. I know that's not typical in the cafe scene but I personally do quite a bit of highway driving and I wanted to do it relatively easily. You could tell she was ridden hard and put away wet so I started by stripping her down to her skivvies.

Chopped the rear of the frame and fabricated the new caboose for her and shaped it up to follow a cafe style seat and tank angle. Couple weeks later and a fresh powder coat I was ready to start the rebuild/restoration part. Kept the engine stock and after a few checks and a little bit of overhaul I stuck it back in the frame and began the assembly process. Swapped in some pods and rebuilt and re-jetted the carbs, and rewired the whole thing from scratch using the M-Unit Blue (my favorite part of the bike if anyone cares), and the pre-assembled wiring kit from the guys at Revival.

Then she got some new pipes, 4 to 1 down pipes from Delkevic and a 12" megaphone muffler. Added some Dyna coils and their electric ignition to replace my old, worn points. Made some rear sets and a triple tree cover custom CNC milled by yours truly, and chopped and shaped the existing front fender to where I wanted it.

Several weeks later and more parts than anyone cares to hear about, I was ready for some paint. After A few more bugs getting worked out and more than a few cold ones along the way; I started her up for the first time in probably 20 years. She absolutely SCREAMED! I love it! She sounds like a beast rolling down the road and looks good doing it. I'm more than happy with my build and I couldn't have done it without he excellent products and tech support from the guys at Revival Cycles.

Parts bought from Revival Cycles:
Other parts:
  • Koso North America TNT2 combo meter
  • Lithium Battery
  • LED Daymaker headlight
  • Dyna S ignition

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