Titanium-framed BMW Motorcycle prototype comes together! // Revival Daily #65

This episode we cover a LOT of bases! The BMW prototype starts to come together as Alan and Alec discuss the electrical mounting for a fully custom ECU, battery mount, Reg/Rec etc.

Then we chat with TY about Titanium and the big differences between standard steel and lightweight alloys. They talk about testing with welding titanium and then breaking welds with a press to test strength and flexibility.

Alan goes on to tell us the the overall design philosophy of the frame and geometry involved.

Chris talks fuses and the simplicity of losing lights, horn and complex electrics that necessitate possible PDM (power distribution modules), but with this project it's just not needed.

Then Josh Gage gives us the lowdown on some in-house powder coating and tests as we consider final finishes before ever officially starting to build a frame.

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