BMW R18 Burnouts: First Ride and Review of Our New BMW R18

Fresh off the ramp, Alan takes a quick look at our new R18 before going on a maiden voyage, racking the odometer up to a hefty 3.1 miles and giving the bike a once over to eyeball some prospective customizing. Huge thanks to our BMW and BMW Motorrad friends for this beautiful boxer! "Technically," this isn't our first brush with a BMW R18, considering that we built the Birdcage with the prototype mule that would become the R 18, but it is the first proper production R 18 that we've owned. After a few more rides and brainstorming, we'll customize this bike before it joins our rental fleet. Stay tuned for more as we begin work on customizing this beautiful platform.

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  • Craig Ebding

    R-100 pd I have this bike is sweet also

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