ICON Derelict Deep Dive: ICON Shop Tour - Part 3


Alan and Jonathan Ward  take us on Part 3 of our ICON journey, exploring some in-progress Derelict builds. ICON's Derelict builds tend to be met with plenty of curiosity once people start to really digest them. The Derelict wing of ICON strikes a chord that can be hard to pin-point for some folks, but we think Jonathan sums it up best:

The goal here is to "take timeless classic vehicles from any maker, from almost any era, then re-imagine them for modern use," and ICON does just that with every derelict build.

The Derelict builds are visually honest, chock full of features yet absurdly refined. The mechanical experience, specialized client preferences, and second-to-none performance of each example are only enhanced by the bespoke interiors laden with epic amounts of heritage and traces of Jonathan's design ethos in every vehicle.

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