A Day With The Best of The Best: ICON Shop Tour - Part 1

We count ourselves lucky to be friends with an ever-growing list of builders, creatives, and enthusiasts of the highest caliber. Amongst those friends is the always inspiring Jonathan Ward of ICON. Jonathan is known for a handful of things, namely ICON ( bespoke, hand-built utility vehicles) and TLC, (The nations leading Land Cruiser Service center), but we are probably most inspired by his unrelenting quest for performance excellence and dedication to the craft of true customization.   

We spent a day with Jonathan and the ICON team, touring the shop, talking about cars, and receiving a genuine lesson in creativity and dedication from the man himself. 

Alan and Jonathan Ward take us on the first leg of our ICON shop tour, starting with the entrance to the shop, a few of Jonathan's personal rides, and the first ICON derelict build, to get things warmed up before we jump into the real thick of it.   

Stay tuned for part 2 of our tour, coming soon.

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