Revival Goes Electric at Electrify Expo 2021 in Austin

Alan and Marc Davis of Moment Motor Company take a walk through Electrify Expo's Austin event before it's open to the public to see what the rides of tomorrow have to offer.

It's no secret that internal combustion is going the way of the wagon and fast. In the last few years, we've caught some serious glimpses of an "electrifying" reality, and it's getting closer by the minute. Motorcycles moving the way we expect them to via electricity has become a steadfast reality, but to be honest, we're excited about the future.

Being on the brink of anything is scary, especially when you're talking about replacing our beloved ICEs, but they aren't going anywhere out of our reach if we have a say in the matter.

See us drive Marc's Porsche 911 that he put an electric motor into - watch now.

See us take a crack at an electric build, the Revival Zero.

Check out Moment Motors - click here.

Shop our Black Friday Sale - click here.

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