Domino MX2 Universal Throttle Assembly


The Domino MX2 Universal Throttle Assembly is suitable for both push/pull or single cable applications and ideal for any scenario whether on the open road or the track.  The MX2 allows you to control throttle response by swapping out the three different cams included in the kit.There's a 33mm stroke for day to day riding, a quick turn 25mm cam for rapid throttle response on the track and a 36mm when a more gentle approach is required such as wet weather. 


    • Made from Ergal T7075 Aluminum
    • CNC machined
    • For 7/8” bars
    • Push/pull
    • Lightweight aluminum body with titanium screws
    • Variable cams to adjust throttle rotation (Red: 53 degrees, White: 55 degrees, Green: 60 degrees)
    • Grips included
    • Matte black anodized

    Cam applications:

    • 1 white cam to 36mm stroke for rain riding
    • 1 red cam to 25mm stroke for racing
    • 1 green cam to 33mm stroke for regular riding