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Revival offers a full range of services for your vintage, rare and performance motorcycle. As a group, we have 80-plus years of combined shop experience. To keep our work engaging and fresh, we don’t specialize in any one particular type of motorcycle. We appreciate all coveted machines and what makes us unique is our ability to service, repair, restore or completely re-imagine anything on two wheels. We engage the rare and unusual challenges like no other shop known. With a master engineer, machinist, mechanic, fabricator and designer on staff, we have yet to meet a bike we couldn’t master. When it comes to proper tuning, we bring modern technology to the table by using a gas analyzer to monitor exhaust air/fuel ratios properly, dyno tuning and a natural ability to question and often rethink the technologies of the past and limitations of mass production. Often we go above and beyond the typical vintage repair shop’s abilities by redesigning and re-engineering many of a vintage machine’s components to truly make them better than the factory ever did. We take the guess-work out of the equation and actually understand scientifically how well your bike is running and riding and why.

What really drives Revival is custom fabrication work. We offer custom work ranging from simple brackets and bits to full-on complete custom builds starting with any platform you desire. With our full-size CNC mill, CNC lathe and complete metal fabrication and welding shop, we can stretch the imagination to whatever suits the client. By making custom parts, we can also support those of you who want to do your own work. If you only need a little advice or work completed beyond your current resources at home, just give us a call for a preliminary quote. We aim to support all enthusiasts…not just the ones who want us to build a complete custom machine. **Our hourly flat labor rate is $110/hour plus materials. **

We also offer a complete range of factory and custom parts from most major suppliers for those who want to get greasy at home. Our full line of parts goes well beyond what we could possibly list in our webstore, but you’ll find hundreds of carefully selected goods there for almost any kind of bike you ride and work on.

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First, we work hard to carefully select the best parts that work and work well for us….not just something our suppliers can get for us. We want the best parts for our projects and we don’t offer a bunch of cheap filler products that will be temporary, at best, on your ride.

Second, there’s a chance you could possibly buy a part cheaper from one of those big online retailers, but it’s unlikely you’ll find a shop in the world that will care more or offer more help to please its clients. We know you have a choice and we want the clear choice to always be in support of a crew of people that care as much about you as you care about your motorcycle. We’ll help you in any way we can and we’ll stand behind ANY product you buy from us.

Revival is a licensed retailer of the best in vintage-style gear available anywhere. We carry fine product lines like Tommaselli, Tarozzi, Ohlins, Rizoma, Brembo, Motogadget, Vanson, Halcyon, Davida, Roland Sands, POSH and many many others. Our shelves are also currently being stocked with an ever-growing collection of vintage leathers and protective gear to help keep you covered. If you are in town, call or email us to set up an appointment to ride by and visit our unique shop and retail space. Our collection of vintage bikes, art, books, magazines and rare cut-away engines is matched only by our ability to make you a kick-ass cup of coffee.

Ride safe, and we’ll see you soon.

Revival Cycles Services

Revival Cycles Services

Revival Cycles Services