VAPE Complete CDI Ignition and Charging Systems

We are really excited for our new partnership with Vape ignitions and we're adding their most popular kits to our site. 

These systems replace old, and questionable charging and ignitions systems with high powered, permanent magnet alternators and CDI ignitions to provide a very reliable completely modernized electrical system. 

They are also developing an upgraded regulator/rectifier optimized to work with Lithium as well as lead-acid batteries exclusively for the kits we sell. 

Vape systems can be easily integrated into a Motogadget mo.Unit installation and all of the kits that we offer are provided with an exclusive Regulator/Rectifier that has been recalibrated for Lithium chemistry batteries. 

Vape was the manufacturer of Power Dynamo ignition systems for vintage motorcycles since 1999. In 2018 Vape purchased Power Dyanmo to become all facets of manufacturing and distribution.

The list below is what we are working to add to our site. For their complete offering, you can visit

VAPE Complete CDI Ignition and Charging Systems







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