Revival Universal Starter Solenoid With Main Fuse Installation Guide

Our Universal Starter Solenoid with Main Fuse is the only complete kit we're aware of on the internet and a perfect complement to an m-Unit installation, as well as an update for an OEM system. The waterproof connector protects these vital connections from the elements while the integrated main fuse makes for a compact, simpler wiring harness. 

Our solenoid serves as a replacement for any bike with an independent starter solenoid this includes most British, Japanese and Italian models. It will not work with most BMWs, Moto Guzzis and Harleys which have a solenoid incorporated into the starter motor.

Motorcycle Solenoid Comparison

Let's clear the air...

Since we're on the subject of starter solenoids, let's clarify the difference between starter solenoids and starter relays in the context of motorcycle electrical systems. Technically speaking the starter solenoid is a mechanical relay, often when you look at diagrams originally created in another language the terminology for the same component can vary quite a lot, see the image below. This frequently creates confusion with the uninitiated since many bikes approaching the 1980's and after will also incorporate a starter relay to reduce the amount of current flowing through the start button as a precautionary measure. if you learn to identify how the starter solenoid ties into the electrical system you can avoid making this mistake.

Solenoid vs Relay

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Revival Cycles Universal Start Solenoid + Main Fuse

Instructions for Waterproof Connector Assembly

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Instructions for Waterproof Connector Assembly

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