mo.Unit Blue/Basic Universal Wiring Diagram

This diagram is the general approach used by the Revival Workshop for m-Unit Blue and Basic installations and is offered here as a guideline to be adapted for your own purposes. If you use this diagram without referring to The Revival Approach to mo.Unit Wiring you are only taking advantage of one half of our system.  The color assignments in the diagram correspond to the wire colors provided in our Deluxe mo.Unit Wiring Kit. Right-click the image and open it in a new tab to see it in full size. The Downloadable high-resolution version includes a blank copy that you can use to produce your own custom diagram. Our recommendation is to print multiple copies and trace out the ignition and charging systems on their own for clarity. The information around the boxes will help to guide you through the process of creating your own model-specific diagram.

Be sure to review the other diagrams in our knowledge base for supplemental Articles. 

The following chart is a rundown of all of the wire colors, their assignments and their gauge size that is included in our Deluxe mo.Unit Wiring Kit. The wire provided in the kit is of the highest quality automotive grade TXL Cross-Linked PVC wire which allows for smaller gauges than indicated in the mo.Unit manual.

The Main Battery wire does not need to be a minimum 6mm as indicated in the manual, the 12 AWG provided in our kit is sufficient for any motorcycle application. 

Deluxe mo.Unit Wire Kit Color Assignments and Gauge
Function Color AWG Function Color AWG
GND black 12 GND Black 18
Power +12V red 12 GND Black 22
AUX brown 18 Turn R white 22
Start out Light Blue 18 Start in Light Blue 22
Turn R white 18 Horn grey 22
Horn grey 18 Turn L pink 22
Turn L pink 18 Config green 22
Light lo orange 18 light in Dark Blue 22
Light hi Dark Blue 18 Brake purple 22
Brake purple 18 Lock brown 22


Click the image below to open the PDF.

m-Unit Blue/Basic Universal Wiring Diagram


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