mo.Unit Introduction & Feature Overview

The mo.Unit:

The mo.Unit has revolutionized vintage motorcycle restoration/repair and there is absolutely nothing available on the market better at doing what it does.

To describe the mo.Unit as fuse block replacement is an oversimplification, it is a solid-state power distribution module, digital micro-controller for the vehicle. If you have previous experience with motorcycle electrical wiring this module is a paradigm shift away from everything you know of OEM electrical systems.  For example; if an OEM switch can be likened to a light switch that completes a circuit when closed a button or switch connected to an mo.Unit would be like a key on a keyboard that sends a signal to the computer that interprets that signal and activates the corresponding function. When pressed, the switches complete a ground that is interpreted by the mo.Unit which activates the appropriate accessory. 

There are two versions of the mo.Unit, the mo.Unit Blue which incorporates Bluetooth functionality to provide a number of convenient features, alternatively the mo.Unit Basic provides all of the core functions without all of the wireless Bluetooth capability. 

Here is a link to the m-Unit Blue and Basic manual and another to the discontinued m-Unit V.2. Indispensable when combined with CTRL+F for searching out specific questions. 

mo.Unit Blue & mo.Unit Basic Features:

The latest addition, the mo.Unit Blue is able to act as a central control unit in the vehicle’s electrical system and provides the following features:

  • Complete digital pushbutton control unit; optional 4 or 5 push-button operation
  • Complete replacement of all OEM fuses. 10 independent circuits are digitally supervised; a circuit will be shut down in case of interferences. On removing the interference, the safety feature will be automatically reset
  • Integrated, digital, load-independent flasher relay; with programmable switch-off feature (optional), selectable m-wave mode
  • Direction indicator setting for use as a position light
  • The parking light, high beam flasher
  • Integrated digital brake-light modulator with programmable flashing sequence, acceleration controlled emergency brake-light
  • The pairing of mo.Unit with other Motogadget products via LIN bus • Integrated starter relay for solenoid switch (up to 30A switching capacity)
  • Smart and fully configurable load control/shut-off for maximum starting power of battery on the starting process
  • Low and high beam control (up to 200W switching power) using just one push button
  • Integrated digital horn relay
  • Integrated position-independent alarm system
  • Integrated hazard light feature
  • Diagnostic feature for the layout of input, output, circuit switching status plus a diagnosis of electrical circuit, short-circuits, etc.
  • Two fully configurable auxiliary outputs AUX1 and AUX2

mo.Unit Blue Bluetooth Functionality:

  • Calibration and current monitoring allow defect detection of all lights and blinkers Connecting with your smartphone and the m.ride app provides advanced functionality:
  • Pairing via an encrypted Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) connection; thus a secure and extremely low power consumption for both vehicle and smartphone
  • Keyless-Go, unlock your bikes electrical system when approaching with smartphone
  • Reporting of alarm events (date, time, vehicle ”down” etc.)
  • Real-time fault indication via audio voice to head-set
  • Manual switching of outputs (except starter)
  • Firmware updates from any location
  • Configuration of m.unit setup menu
  • The mo.Unit's speedometer input for storage and matching of vehicle's odometer allows for vehicle management with automatic notifications of maintenance tasks and status of wheels, chain, brake pads, oils,   operating supplies, spark-plugs, etc.
  • Status, alarm, driver and maintenance logbook
  • Display of parking position and ”ping!” feature for locating your vehicle




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