A Comprehensive List of Items You Need for a mo.Unit Installation

“I’m going to buy an m.unit, what else do I need?”

This is by far the most common question we field and there's really no concise way to answer it so we've broken it down into a few stages, the first being what we consider the four core items that you need and from there the components become more optional depending on your budget and need. 

Stage #1 : The Bare Essentials

This list assumes that the ignition charging system and other OEM components still needed are in good order. This list also does not cover any lighting or gauge options. If you're working with a limited budget this essential list will get you on the road and you can address other elements later on. 

(You may notice that the m-Button from Motogadget is not on this list. While we do offer it on the site, we don't really find it provides any benefit to builders unless you

M-Unit Blue or m-Unit Basic - The m-Unit Blue connects to your phone via Bluetooth and through the app, they provide a slew of features including an easier method for programming the module. if you're not interested in the added connectivity the Basic provides all of the same core features without the farkles. For a detailed explanation of various features, they each have as well as video demonstrations see our article An introduction to the m-Unit and its features.

Momentary Push Button Control Switches - There are so many to choose from that we won't cover all the details here but all of the switches we offer are quality components and you can't make a bad choice. The m-Unit will allow you to use the OEM switches after extensive modification to the wiring but they will not function as they were designed to and the end result is an awkward and frustrating user experience. That said, you can review our in-depth article on OEM Style switches for more on the subject. 

Deluxe m-Unit Wire Kit - Our wire kit provides enough wire to complete most any m-Unit installation with automotive-grade wire that has an extra thin TXL Cross-Linked PVC sheathing that has superior resistance to water, oil, fuel, solvents, heat, and abrasion to more common GXL Wire. Additionally, the kit includes wire ferrules, dual wall heat shrink, wire ties, a Wago 5 pole lever nut and a marine-grade Metri-pack fuse housing for your main fuse. 

Tesa Cloth Harness Tape - This tape is widely used in the automotive industry and is superior to PVC electrical tape in every way when applied to wire harnesses. The cloth has fantastic abrasion resistance and an acrylic-based adhesive that when exposed to oils, fuel or solvents will not dissolve into a sticky goo. In the shop, we use this in a combination of other materials that I'll outline below but you can also get away with wrapping your entire harness in this tape and feel good about the results a year down the road. 

Stage #2 :

The Complete Wire Harness Loom Kit -This is all of the loom building materials that we use in our own projects in house combined into a single system and when combined with Revival's wire kit makes it possible to build a wire harness as good as or in many cases better than the OEM harness that came with your bike. When we're performing an m.Unit installation in the shop we use all of the items in this kit to produce a harness that not only looks good but also protects the wire within and ensures many miles of problem free riding.  We use vinyl loom in the areas that are visible to the naked eye, the split loom anywhere that is hidden from view, the Tesa tape to secure each type of loom at its terminations and as a harness wrap for small sections where the other loom isn't practical and heat shrink for a variety of situations.  

Universal Starter Solenoid with Main Fuse - It may not be vital that you replace the solenoid but If yours is questionable or you're going all the way on this project we have assembled the most complete solenoid it on the market which includes a waterproof connector for your wires and a fuse terminal that you can use for the systems main fuse making for a more compact, simpler harness. Not sure if you need this? We've written an in-depth on the subject Revival Universal Starter Solenoid Wire Diagram.

Regulator/Rectifier - If your Reg/Rec is 20+ years old it's well past or at best near the end of its life and now is a very good time to replace it. If you're planning on using any kind of lithium battery it's not only vital that you replace the R/R but also that it's lithium optimized or there's a high probability that you'll burn up your expensive investment. We offer 3 high-quality universal options for the 3 main types of charging systems. All of them are lithium optimized but will work with any kind of motorcycle battery on the market. 

Battery Cable Kit - We offer a high-quality fine-stranded copper core wire with an ultra-thin EPDM sheath as well as a Woven Cloth Battery Cable Kit with a Laquer coated cotton wrap over a PVC sheathing. These cables are for the stretch between your battery, starter solenoid and starter motor along with your battery ground. You have a choice between two colors of cable, black and red. In many cases, just one kit is all that's needed for both positive and negative cables since we include enough terminals and both black and red heat shrink in each kit so that you can designate which is which regardless of the cable color you chose. 

Antigravity Lithium Battery - The small case line of batteries from Antigravity is our go-to option for custom projects in the shop on account of the small form factor, low discharge and the ability to position them in any direction which makes them perfect for discrete locations.

Bluetooth Battery Monitor - A great accessory from Antigravity, this monitor not only provides standing voltage levels it can also perform cranking voltage and charge voltage tests. The convenience of having all of this so easily accessible is hard to overstate. 

Stage #3 : 

2 position ignition switch - We're fans of the look and functionality of these barrel key switches. Your OEM 3 position switch can be used but the m-Unit does not have provisions for the 3rd parking light position. If you stick with your OEM you can either wire it as a second on position or cap those wires off so that they do not short out against the frame. 

mo.Lock - This is a stand-alone device that can be installed with or without the m-Unit. It replaces your standard key ignition with an RFID controlled 2 position On/Off arrangement that can be activated with either a quarter-sized key fob or a tiny glass vial small enough to be sewn into a jacket sleeve or glove. A simple swipe across the receiver is all that’s required to turn the bike on or off. If you have an m-Unit Blue the Keyless Go feature is kind of similar but you do still need a back up key switch and this can serve that purpose. 

Mizu P25 Mini Connectors - The Mizu's are our go-to connector for m-Unit installations due to their versatility, small form factor and weather resistance. There are 2,3 and 4 pole versions for the 20-22 gauge wires used throughout your harness but if you carefully make the connections we've found them capable of handling 24-18 gauge wiring and are very useful for making connections for making a sub-harness for the switches, or Motogadget gauges as well as any LED lighting you might have. 

APEX 2.8 High Amperage Connectors - These can serve several purposes and they're our favorite for Stator and Regulator plugs which are a common source for charging issues. Over time the high current and environmental conditions the connectors are exposed to lead to a cycle of decay that ends in failure. APEX connectors are an automotive-grade solution rated for up to 40 amps per terminal, far more than can be expected from your motorcycles charging system. 

Waterproof Relay - There are a lot of uses for these, with an m-Unit there is one instance where this becomes vital. If you have a true Capacitive Discharge Ignition system (CDI) then this component is necessary in order to integrate your ignition into the m-Unit. Not sure if you have a CDI? read our article on integrating a CDI with the m-Unit and learn how to determine if you have one.

C5 ignition systems for vintage Suzuki, Honda, and Moto Guzzi - We believe these to be among the most accurate and reliable ignition systems on the market and we use them in the shop any time the situation calls for it. It is a complete system that replaces the OEM points, mechanical advance as well as the coils.

Spark Plug Wire Kits - These modern EMI suppression core wires have a classic look that goes well on any project. 

Dynatek Coils - High-Quality performance coils that will work with a variety of ignition systems. We offer many options of single and dual output with different Ohms, even a 6-volt version. 

The Final Touches & Tools You Might Need

Harness Supplies:

We've already covered the Comprehensive Loom Kit but we've also broken everything out so that you can purchase ala carte if you need. 

Tesa Cloth Harness Tape - We covered this above in more depth so I'll keep it short here. This cloth tape has fantastic abrasion resistance and an acrylic-based adhesive that when exposed to oils, fuel or solvents will not dissolve into a sticky goo.

Vinyl LoomOffered as a kit and by the foot,  our PVC vinyl tube loom is made for automotive wiring and is what you often find on OEM motorcycle harnesses. It makes for a clean, tidy appearance of visible wiring while providing a high level of protection from the environmental conditions your system will be exposed to. This PVC vinyl tubing is extremely flexible, liquid-tight, abrasion-resistant and meets VW-1 flammability along with UL type B standards making it a great choice for motorcycle wiring harnesses.  

Woven Split Loom - Also offered as a kit and by the foot. Split Loom is our preferred solution for portions of harness hidden from sight beneath gas tanks and under seats, the high-density flat-knit weave combination of PET monofilament and textured multifilament won't unravel at the ends and provides superior abrasion resistance while it protects your wiring from being damaged over time from fluids by allowing moisture to drain away. Tolerant of continuous temperatures up to 150°F and peak temperatures of 260°F, its self- extinguishing and won't break down when exposed to the most chemicals and automotive fluids.

Heat ShrinkYou’ll want this for sealing Loom terminations junctions and a variety of situations. At a glance, heat shrink all looks about the same but there are differences in the percentage of shrinkage, durability, and adhesives. The Heat Shrink we offer reduces down to ½ its original size has a dual-wall comprised of the traditional polyolefin an inner hot glue layer that seals the exposed end of your wires and junctions from moisture.

Electrical Tools:

22-10 AWG Wire Strippers - A classic pair of manual wire strippers good for anything you'll encounter on a bike project and invaluable around the garage. These are sharp and very economically priced. 

Automatic Wire Strippers - These convenient crimpers automatically adjust to accommodate the size of the wire inserted and you can dial in the tension applied to the wire sheath as it cuts and adjust the length of wire exposed. The inside of the handle features cutters and some crimpers that aren't that great but will do if you're in a bind. 

Ferrule Crimpers - These crimpers apply even pressure from four sides to create a perfect wire termination that protects your wire ends from fraying and fatigue from vibration when inserted in the m-Unit terminals. It's not a tool you see often but I've found many more uses around the house for mine. 

Open U / Double Barrel Crimp Tool - These are a very reasonably-priced alternative to expensive Delphi crimpers and are perfectly sized to fit the terminals that come with our kits. There are two varieties, Open U/A and Open U/B. They will both crimp in the same range, from 24-14awg but the B includes two dies cor crimping the water seals commonly found on AMP Seal, Weather-Pack and Metri-Pack connectors.

24-12 AWG Micro Open Barrel Crimp Tool - This crimping tool works on tiny JAM, Molex, JST and Tyco terminals as well as other small U-barrel terminals and connectors that are difficult to manage with larger crimp tools.

Ratcheting R/Y/B Crimp Tool  - This set of crimpers are intended for use with the Red/Yellow/Blue terminals and butt connectors that are so widely available including the heat-sealable variety. Obviously, they are color coordinated and their flat die surfaces safely crimp the terminal while not damaging the outer sheathing. 

Spark Plug Wire Crimp Tool - You probably won't use these every day but there really is no more reliable way to assemble your own spark plug wires. This ratcheting tool has a die that will strip the thick outer sheathing while not cutting through the core and two crimping dies for either single or double crimp terminals.

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