14-100 Type-B, 3-Phase, Field Excited Reg/Rec Wiring Diagram

This "universal" 3 Phase, Field Excited Reg/Rec is suitable for a wide variety of motorcycle models ranging from the medium to large displacement 70's and 80's Japanese CB's, KZ's and GS's as well as many Moto Guzzi's and BMW airheads among others. 

The 14-100 is optimized for lithium batteries having a set charging voltage of 14.2v rather than the standard 14.8v of most reg/rec's. It will still work great with Lead Acid batteries albeit it will charge them slightly slower.

To determine if this is suitable for your bike you can go about it in a few ways. One is to locate a legible copy of the OEM diagram for your exact year/make/model and trace the wires back though it's not always easy to tell if you're not well versed in interpreting motorcycle wiring diagrams. Another viable option is to check on a reputable forum. There are almost as many dedicated motorcycle forums as there are motorcycle models and every one of them has at least a few folks who know those bikes inside and out. Try using the search function provided by the forum and if that fails to post a question. 

There are two versions of the diagram below, one for a standard installation and one for installation into an m-Unit. 

Click the image below to open the full-sized PDF.




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