Revival Signature Dual Wall Heat Shrink Kit

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We've put together this dual wall heat shrink kit that's conveniently color-coded, organized, and affordable. A must for repairing or modifying your bike.

There are many practical uses for heat shrink and countless "off-label" applications on motorcycles. Its primary functions are electrical insulation, waterproofing, and anti-vibration. 

We've assembled this kit specifically for motorcycle wire harness applications. While they often look alike in photos, there are many different kinds and qualities of heat-shrink tubing. Revival's dual wall heat shrink tubing is composed of a high-quality flexible polyolefin material that has been cross-linked to create a waterproof exterior with an additional heat-activated adhesive that secures connections and seals out moisture. It has a 3:1 shrink ratio, meaning it will shrink to one-third of its starting diameter.

Included are three different colors for various applications. 

-Red for the cable ends of high amperage positive battery and starter solenoid cables.

-Black for negative battery cables and vinyl loom.

-Clear for wire splices and connections. 

Polyolefin Dual-Wall Heat Shrink Specifications:

  • 3:1 shrink ratio; shrinks to ⅓ the original size.
  • Shrink temperature: 248°F (120°C)
  • Continuous operating temperature: -67°F (-55°C) 248°F (120°C)
  • Flame retardant
  • Internal meltable sealant physically encapsulates connections
  • Seal the ends of cable loom or loom junctions to lock moisture out of your wire harness.
  • Use it on wire splices and terminal connections to reduce micro-vibrations that lead to mechanical failure. 
  • Use it to seal the wire ends at splices and terminals so moisture can't creep into the wire end resulting in oxides that produce voltage drop. 
  • Clear heat shrink lets you quickly identify what's inside and inspect the connection. 
  • As an additional layer of protection to wires and components in areas prone to chaffing 


2 3/4 19.1 45 RED
2 1 25.4 45 RED
20 1/8 3.2 45 CLEAR
20 3/16 4.8 45 CLEAR
20 1/4 6.4 45 CLEAR
5 1/8 3.2 100 BLACK
5 1/4 6.4 100 BLACK
5 3/8 9.5 100 BLACK
5 5/8 15 100 BLACK
2 3/4 19.1 100 BLACK
2 1 25.4 100 BLACK


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From our customers


100% impressed over and over again by Jeff & Co at Revival. They’re patient and kind no matter the enquiry (currently resto-modding an R100/7 and have LOTS of questions about the Motogadget rewire) and go out of their way to offer creative solutions and out of the box thinking. I will forever return and recommend Revival.

Theo B.
North Vancouver, BC

I cannot recommend Revival Cycles enough. Not only do they have a great assortment of gear and accessories but they provide superb customer service. I was having some difficulty making it work... Jeff pointed out what I was missing and also provided schematics to make it work. Thank you guys very kindly, your crew rocks.

Svend P.
Santa Fe, NM



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