POSH Billet Mini Bullet Indicators


As with all POSH products, these POSH Billet Mini Bullet Indicators have the look and feel of a finely made product that care and precision have been applied to designing and producing.  These have been machined from two pieces of billet, not simply cast aluminum. The craft and quality of these signals is unmistakable even the lens plastic has a look and feel far above what one might expect.

When they haven't been removed altogether, turn signals are frequently an afterthought in a builder's mind. Like headlight brackets, mirrors and the little bits, a cheap set of signals can seriously bring the look of your bike down a notch. We've seen it many times over in our a shop....a $20,000 custom bike with cheap $20 black plastic signals. Signals are typically an eyesore and a very obvious part of your machine that is extremely difficult to hide. So buy a set of POSH Billet Mini Bullet Indicators and be proud to sport them instead of hiding them.


Dimensions: 72mm length, 36mm Diameter, 25mm Stem. These signals are available in silver and black finishes and include traditional OEM bulbs. Be sure to check out our 1156 LED Turn Signal Replacement Bulbs - they're inexpensive, draw less power, and will last much longer than stock OEM incandescent bulbs.