Motogadget m-Blaze Disc LED Turn Signals


Revival Cycles introduces the very cool and amazingly well-made Motogadget m-Blaze Disc LED turn signals*.  The Disc is easily our favorite of the m-Blaze series.  Discreet and sleek are two characteristics delivered consistently by Motogadget, not to mention durability, and the Disc has it all.

These can be fitted with any style of grips. Keep in mind the O.D. being 35mm, they will have a simpler time fitting into a bar end in similar size.  For example, 1-inch grips or aluminum grips like the m-Grip.    

All Motogadget products are known to be the finest available and these are no exception. These are all made in Germany! Several of our client's machines now run these signals and all have been very happy with their quality. These allow you to keep the safety and the looks while allowing you to answer the old question of "signals or no signals?" This is not just another cheap set of signals that will fade in the sun and get broken off after becoming brittle. These will last a lifetime. 

Buy just one pair of signals and discover the bonus that these cover you from the front or the rear without you needing four signals. Simply install this pair and you will not be missed by drivers anywhere near your machine. This also gives you the ability to simplify the wiring, cut down on visual clutter aesthetically and be certain that your intentions will be seen! 

Always make sure to order a complete set consisting of the left and right side turn signal assembly as these are sold individually! 


Motogadget's take:

m-Blaze Disc by Motogadget – 

The m-Blaze disc is the turn signal light of the latest generation. 
A familiar fixture has been completely rethought, designed and implemented technically very demanding. 
Through the new TranzLight Technology (TLT, patent pending) motogadget the transparent plate of the indicator to light medium.

TranzLight Technology ® cleverly uses the total internal reflection of light waves at interfaces of media with different optical density. This progressive approach to development is not limited to simple miniaturization of turn signal housings designed but the light directly over a crystal-like plastic body. 
calculation is only accurate optical CAD cutting edge manufacturing processes enable this new design and its function.

The light flux required for the TranzLight principle is generated by the motogadget developed intensiLED ® process consists of three major components: 
- specially selected, phosophorkonvertierte high performance LED with the highest efficiency and a total power of 3W with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours 
- a controlled with 330kHz clocked, IC constant current source 
- a special collimator, which couples the wide scattering of the LED light precisely in the plastic body.

A greatly reduced, discreet aluminum housing on the base serves only the stable attachment of the vitreous and the integration of control electronics and high-end LEDs. 
course, the housing from solid aluminum is made, black anodized or polished and finely inscribed by laser. The m-Disc Blaze is very flat and appear neutral and unobtrusively through the transparent glass. Thus it is suitable for many styles and a wide variety of motorcycles. 
Especially with our m-grip handles or other Alugriffen closes its base from very harmonious.

The presented bar end turn signals m-Blaze disc has a CE mark and is approved as a front indicator. 
Package: Single bar end turn signals m-Blaze disc left or right with clamp for steel and aluminum handlebar (22 mm and 1 inch Handlebars ) having an inner diameter of 14 mm to 21 mm, with a connecting cable 50 cm.

Polished variants of this product can sometimes take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Always make sure to order a complete set consisting of the left and right side turn signal assembly as these are sold individually!

  • Outer Diameter: 35 mm 
    Total length over all: approx 68 mm 
    of length outside of the handlebar 20 mm 
    of length within the handlebars: 48 mm 
    Cable length: 50 cm 
    Weight: 40 g 
    Fixing: comes with rubber clamps for metric steel and aluminum handlebar (22mm and 1 inch handlebar) with an inner diameter of 14 mm to 21 mm

    Power consumption: 3 watts

    The turn signal, like any other conventional LED signal, can be operated with load resistors or any of the load-independent flasher relays offered by Motogadget.

For more documentation about the use and installation of the Motogadget m-Blaze Disc turn signals, you can consult the manual here.