Meta Magazine - Issue 003


Focusing on dirt bikes, motocross, and aimless travel, the 3rd volume of this bi-annual publication traces the route that so many take toward a full-fledged motorcycle lifestyle.

The publisher opens up with a note detailing his first heartbreak- not only a girl that got away, but also a stolen and destroyed Yamaha YZ60 that would have been his ticket to freedom. What follows is an exploration of the commonalities of youthful dreams of motion and defiance. First, a profile of motocross personality Jason Lawrence. Then, a photo essay of the kind of trip everyone is dreaming of when they buy their first bike, undertaken by a group of friends: wide western states, narrow dirt roads, the only plan an agreement to be open to anything. Later, a gruesomely detailed narrative of Doug Henry’s spectacular crash in 1995 casts a shadow on the euphoric depiction of aerial tricks depicted throughout the rest of the publication.