Iron & Air Magazine - Issue 25


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CONTENTS 008 | SPEED CRAFT Kim Newcombe’s legendary König 500 GP race bike. 018 | BETWEEN EVERYTHING AND NOTHING Getting lost in the mysteries of India. 028 | WELCOME TO THE CLUB Regatta Garage’s Sportster with a hellion past. 048 | BEACH BRICK The Land Rover Series IIA 054 | A BOY NAMED SUE-ZUKI The DR Project Update 056 | CARVING HISTORY Clermont Boutin and his “cutting-edge” collection. 062 | SYMPATICO A 1966 Norton Atlas and the friendship that built it. 072 | WELCOME EAST SHOW Putting the Northeast on the moto-map. 074 | FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN Three female-run brands taking safety into their own hands. 088 | THE LAST BIKE ON EARTH The humble 2x2 built for the apocalypse and beyond.