Iron & Air Magazine - 13

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This bi-monthly magazine has quickly become the Revival favorite. It's filled with 100+ pages of exclusive images & stories of the vintage garage-built motorcycle scene. Each issue is a beautiful, perfect-bound magazine that you’ll want to keep on your coffee table or in the shop at all times. They will be a constant reference that will inspire you with the engineering, design, lifestyle and the open road that Iron & Air is all about.

Featured in this issue:

Faster Lucky Cat

French builder Séb Lorentz uses form and function to guide the way to speed.

Patagonia Bound
Paving the road from Portland to South America. 

American muscle meets Swiss utility. 

Moto Sumisura
Finding a universal language with Italian builder Franco Augello.

DP Customs Beach Cruiser
The Del Prado brothers' German-inspired Harley Davidson. 

Farmer's Racer
Design, farming, and philosophy with Lars Gustavsson. 


Letter from the publisher
Chasing it.

Behind the Lens
Steven Stone

What We're Drinking
Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey

Featured Products
Gear, goods, and more. 

What We're Reading
Through Dust and Darkness

From The Garage
Setting Up Your Workspace

The Asphalt Between Then and Now



Oil & Ink Art Expo

Where We'll Be
Events Calendar 2014

Iron & Air's statement: 

"The world we live in has become a disposable world. Mass-production has smothered craft and working with one’s hands has become second class. There’s a movement of talent across the world however. Men and women who forsook the desk job for the wrench, rising each day to breathe new life into old machines. In doing so, they’re bringing us back to a simpler time while reminding us about the present with each modification and/or restoration of a timeless, classic motorcycle. It’s as though we ourselves are modified and restored upon seeing and riding these creations.

To ride a motorcycle is to understand the beauty of freedom. We salute the builders who publish that freedom to the world with each garage built creation they roll out of their shops. Humbly, we consider ourselves kindred spirits – a publisher of a different kind – and we seek to do the same each day, not by mass-producing the next motorcycle magazine, but through the telling of this story.

We have a penchant for the old, classic lines, simple engineering and power of the 60′s & 70′s rides that we won’t apologize for. British, Japanese, Italian – it doesn’t matter – they all have their own poetic stance and story. So we marvel at seeing a bike brought back through restoration as much as seeing builders breath new life into a tired machine, and in a way making it a classic all over again.

If you’re ever in or around the State of NH (New England USA), stop by our shop in downtown Concord, NH. We’re located next door to The Draft Pub on So. Main Street.

See you out there,

Team Iron & Air"