Hedon Hedonist Helmet - Aston


Get yourself one of the best all around helmets on the market. Hedon Helmets are handmade in London, UK. They are low-profile, well crafted helmets that can only be bought at Revival Cycles, as we are the sole Hedon Helmet importer in the States. Each helmet size is made with separately proportioned shells, which form perfectly to your head and prevent the dreaded “bobblehead” effect. These well crafted helmets are available in a wide range of colors with finishes in either matte or gloss. 

  • Composite fiber shell of fiberglass and carbon fiber
  • Metallic grey painted shell with subtle grey stripes, glossy finish
  • Hed Armor lining with 360" cushion padding
  • Merlin anti-bacterial fabric and natural calf leather trim and lining
  • Brass gunmetal HEDON plate, plated hardware, plated DD buckle
ECE 22.05 Certified (This means they are road legal for all of Europe and the UK)

    Hedon helmets fit snug and we recommend you order a size larger than you normally wear. You can also measure your head and refer to the sizing chart for the most accurate sizing.