Hardley T-Shirt


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Please note that these tees are cut slimmer than traditional t-shirts and fit closer to the body, so you may want to think about moving a size up if you like your tees to fit a little more loosely.

The first Revival Cycles Harley-Davidson build, we couldn't be more pleased with how our Hardley turned out, especially after a day of some ice racing on a frozen Lake Michigan. Grab one of these sketch tees, designed by Chris Bilheimer if you think this bike is as awesome as we do!

A higher-quality alternative to traditional screen printing, our shirts are now printed using discharge ink, leaving you with an exceptionally soft, wearable tee. Discharge ink is a water-based solution that removes the dye in a shirt, allowing the new printing dyes to penetrate the fabric. This means no cracking, peeling, or bunching due to the multiple layers of prints required with a traditional screen printing process. Discharge printing leaves bright, soft, pliable tees that will last longer and look sharper.