Handbuilt Motorcycle Show Thermal


Despite the fact that our show takes place here in Austin, Texas, where there seemingly are no seasons, we understand the importance of being able to stay warm when going for a ride on a chilly day or just wrenching in a cold garage. Layer up with this extra soft poly-cotton thermal, we promise you'll love this thing. Light grey with black stitching.

A higher-quality alternative to traditional screen printing, our shirts are now printed using discharge ink, leaving you with an exceptionally soft, wearable tee. Discharge ink is a water-based solution that removes the dye in a shirt, allowing the new printing dyes to penetrate the fabric. This means no cracking, peeling, or bunching due to the multiple layers of prints required with a traditional screen printing process. Discharge printing leaves bright, soft, pliable tees that will last longer and look sharper.