Glass License Plate Reflectors


These reflectors are spot on reproductions of antique reflectors of old. So accurate to the originals that just a couple of years back, ol' Red began putting his name on the back of them to deter unscrupulous dealers from scuffing them up and selling them as authentic antiques.

 Manufactured by one dedicated soul here in the USA who has gone to great lengths to source the richly colored glass, cast the reflectors, and punch the retainers before final assembly.

 These glass reflectors will not fade or go foggy over time and may outlive your project only to find themselves being coveted 50+ years from now.  So perhaps consider them a meager investment in your bike's future while supporting the livelihood of a man who stands alone in his craft.

 We offer two varieties: gum drops and prisms. Each has eight colors to chose from but color options vary between the two shapes. Sold by the pair or individually.