Halcyon Goggle - Compact


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The Halcyon Compact goggle has highly polished and chromed brass frames, a soft black leather face mask, and an elasticated headband with non-slip triple silicon beads on inner edge. These Men's Motorcycle Goggles are designed to fit under and over crash helmets and come fitted with UV-protected, clear polycarbonate scratch-resistant angled lenses.

Halcyon Compact motorcycle goggles were developed specifically for use with modern open-face crash helmets. By significantly reducing the frame size and thickness of padding, the goggle now fits much more freely inside restricted spaces. 

Made in England using the same quality materials as the original models, such as solid brass frames and soft leather; Halycyon goggles are the perfect choice for Classic motorcycle riders.

The headband now also comes fitted with triple silicon, elasticated non-slip strips for the perfect grip when worn over an open-face crash helmet.