C5 Light Speed Vintage Honda Ignition System


Revival Cycles is proud to offer these C5 Performance Light-Speed Honda 4 Cylinder Complete Ignition System kits. Used on our custom builds and repair projects, we cannot recommend more highly the utter simplicity and ease-of-use these ignition kits offer. These kits fit the following bikes, CB350, 400, 500, 550, the '79-81 CB650 and the CB750 SOHC engines. 

This system offers extremely simple and straightforward installation and the ability to change/set timing with ease.

Using unparalleled and extremely reliable twin optic readers to monitor and manage ignition timing, the Light-Speed Ignition traces rotation of the encoder wheel many times per revolution to correctly trigger the coils. The system also is capable of producing multiple-sparking through all RPM ranges to enhance timing efficiency, flame front advancement resulting in improved power delivery.  Light-Speed ignition systems also exclusively use section bobbin-wound coils, greatly reducing the likelihood of vibration-related failure.

This kit is a single fire system, sparking the left and right cylinders independently of one another. It uses the stock distributor with adapter plate. It also includes a coil mount to fasten to the main tube beneath the fuel tank. 

The C5 Light-Speed ignition system also comes with the option to add a rotary switch which will allow for you to change between four different timing maps while riding. 

The C5 Light-Speed system comes with: an ignition kit, MC-2 high voltage coils as well as sparkplug leads. 

This product is currently available for only for special order and lead times may vary depending on available stock.