Bleu De Chauffe Blitz Tool Roll - Expresso


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The Blitz Tool Roll is a result of collaboration between two top French artisan shops. Handmade by Bleu de Chauffe and advised by Blitz Motorcycles, this is the best looking, most weather resistant functional tool roll we’ve yet come across.
Crafted from vegetable-tanned, hand-waxed leather for a lifetimes’ durability, the Blitz Tool Roll features a zippered exterior pocket and two adjustable interior straps to create secure tool storage. Attach the roll to your ride via heavy-duty adjustable leather straps.
Handmade to high standards, the Blitz Tool Roll will weather and get better with age while adding class to your clapped out machine that calls for preventive maintenance and critical thinking before, during, and after embarking on even the shortest voyage. Successful motorcycle trips love preparedness; ride with peace of mind.