In true Revival fashion, every inch of the space has been hand-built by our team. It has been a labor of love, and you can be sure that every nail, plank of wood, and glint of brass has received the same consideration and attention to detail that we lavish on the motorcycles that come through our door.

Because of our long-held belief that motorcycles are more than machines, and that a passion for them exists beyond the actual bike, we are thrilled to have a platform through which to share some of our other interests and loyalties. This is the next organic step in our goal of serving as a cultural center for riders and enthusiasts.

The Revival Store will feature brands and products we have encountered on our many adventures, and which support a motorcycle lifestyle more fully. We’ll have an expansive variety of products on offer and some from our friends and East Austin neighbor Helm Boots, who share a commitment to creating timeless pieces of exquisite quality with a focus on local production. We’re also featuring apparel from REV'IT!, a Dutch company specializing in motorcycle gear that looks just as good when you step off of your bike as it does while riding. With Bleu de Chauffe we bring you top-quality French leather goods made from environmentally sustainable tanning processes. Hedon Helmets made their stateside debut in our store. Their beautifully crafted vintage-inspired helmets take full advantage of all modern safety features and are a true gem in our offering of products.






1603 South Congress Avenue

Austin, TX 78704

PHONE: 512-524-2206 

Revival Cycles Retail Store Build from Revival Cycles on Vimeo.