Looking for other moto nerds to talk shop? Well, here's your fix, junkie. The team at Revival Cycles talks bikes, adventures and sometimes to themselves. Podcasts are released on variable timelines.

After a long day at The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show we pull Jay aside to talk shop. In this episode, we talk about life lessons and their way to find us in unusual ways. From stolen cars to jokes that flop, Jay gives us the inspiration to move forward and not even think about opening that hot dog stand. 

"Appreciate what it is you do. Everything else is a hobby." - Jay Leno

Listen to Revival Cycles' own Alan Stulberg, Stefan Hertel and Andy James-Dio sit down with Paul D'Orleans aka The Vintagent during the 2016 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. In this episode, we earn our explicit labeling and talk to an amazing artist, Cycle World editor and motorcycle historian. We also get a linguistic lesson to get his name right.

"The internet is a wonderful place where you can be praised by the masses or mobbed by the same people. Remember, never go negative. " - Paul D'Orleans aka The Vintagent