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Visit the New Handbuilt Show Website

Visit the New Handbuilt Show Website

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As our collective existence slips further into digital abstraction, we at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show believe something has been lost and it is time to revive the culture of physical craftsmanship. Although in today’s modern mass-produced world few young people are taught how to do physical work or are encouraged to embrace a trade, there remains a universal attraction to the beauty that can only be formed by human hands.

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is an inspiring showcase of works from builders and craftsmen that combine knowledge, skill, and ingenuity to create one-of-a-kind truly hand-built machines.

By sharing this work, we add fuel to a revolution in the making. People crave the satisfaction and creative outlet of producing something truly unique and fit to their own preferences for design and function. This renaissance of working with our hands has helped create the movement that is the custom motorcycle scene.

It is our vision that those that visit The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show will be inspired to pick up tools and use their hands to make something of their own.

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