Leading up to this years Motorcycle Cannonball Run, our team had a lot of prep to do on Sinless Cycles' Brough Superior SS80 and a Brough Superior SS100. Known as the Rolls Royce of Motorcycles, Brough Superiors are a collectors dream. Originally built by George Brough in Nottingham, England, the Brough Superior SS100 was known for going 100 mph in the 1920's and one of Lawerence of Arabia's favorite bikes. Although typical motorcycle enthusiasts fail to recognize the hidden royalty of a Brough, true history buffs bow down at the casual sight of one. A common comment is, "You only see these things in museums or Jay Leno's Garage..."

In Revival Daily 47, Stefan gives us a thorough walkthrough of the work it takes to prepare these machines for a 3,700 mile ride across the United States. Revival Engineer Chris Auerbach shares his CNC plans for reengineering nearly 100 year old parts, and Shop Manager Chris Davis discusses some major and minor upgrades that will go a long way on our teams cross country adventure.

Stay tuned for Revival's Motorcycle Cannonball updates in the coming weeks.

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